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Sand Timer 8 Inches with Titanic Ship Logo Antique Clock Hour Glass Sandglass Ideal for Exercise Tea Making Nautical Décor Theme 2 Minute

1,150.00 850.00
  • DURATION: 2 minutes ( Variation +- 30 Seconds )
  • DIMENSION: Height 8 inches, Width: 4 inches, MATERIAL: Glass & Metal
  • USAGE : Yoga / Tea Boiling / Medication / Antique Showpiece
  • Care Instructions - Don't wash, use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.
  • DESCRIPTION: This is a reproduction of Vintage Sand timers. This is a new and unused sand timer. It has two connected vertical glass bulbs allowing a regulated trickle of sand from the top to the bottom. Once the top bulb is empty, it can be inverted to begin timing again. we have already set the time on the sand. it will run as per our description time limit.